Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Ooh, You Touch My Tra-la-la

As some of you know, this past Saturday Santa Barbara was invaded. To quote the Daily Nexus, UCSB's campus paper, "Günther’s raging sex drive overflowed like champagne in Storke Plaza on Friday, as the Swedish singer and his Sunshine Girls touched UCSB’s tra-la-la during his first-ever West Coast appearance."
It was an auspicious day indeed. Not only did he perform on campus, but it was a free concert. This had some serious ramifications, but we'll get to that later. First the fun stuff. Fans were there early, gazing toward the stage, hoping for a glimpse of His Gloriousness:
We did actually see him arrive. He snuck past where we were sitting. Pam and I were both surprised to learn that he is a rather slight fellow. Not what you would call a manly physique. There were not as many early arrivals as I had anticipated, but there were a few. Including the one and only Laurel Doersam, his "Number One Fan on Myspace!", who was apparently the sole person responsible for bringing Günther’s Empire to UCSB. Somehow.
Not only was she camped out awaiting the Pleasureman, she had a bouquet of lilies for him, which she tried to present to him during the sound check. Günther did his stoic best to ignore this drunken mess of a girl, but she still relentlessly invited him to party in I.V. after the show. After she spilled her Pepsi bottle that smelled like it had a healthy dose of peach schnapps added, she then told everyone around us repeatedly that she was "his Number One on myspace". And by repeatedly I mean that this sentence came out of her mouth about every thirty seconds. And she had that voice? You know? That kinda sounds like this? But. The greatest part about her was her "outfit". Now, I have nothing against dressing up for things (we'll get to my outfit later), but this was almost beyond reason. She had taken what appeared to be an animal-print nightie and torn a slit on the side of it. Literally. Torn. Ragged-edges-with-threads-hanging-down-torn. It sort of looked like this:
Only is was a little less clingy, more silky. And there was a lot of black lace going on at the top. And shorter. And with a slit torn up the side. Did I mention that? Because she tore a slit up the side.

Pamala and I went a different direction in our getups. It never occurred to us to get whored out. We went on a shopping trip to the one and only (not really) Susie's Deals to get Fabulousitized, and we were not disappointed. I was hoping for a bit more glitzy, but I think we hit our mark pretty well:
Even better than Pam and I were Pam's brother Matt and his friend Demarco:

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