Friday, May 18, 2007

Love Cat(s)

My cat that I've had since the day she was born nine and a half years ago is very ill. Singe lost her appetite about a week ago, maybe ten days even. She was eating, but only a tiny bit. She was also sleeping even more than normal. Then I noticed that she seemed to be drinking a lot of water. Last night she threw up and it was just all water. I decided to take her in today after that happened. This morning she was sneezing a lot as well.
I just spoke with the vet and, according to the blood work, Singe has a very high liver value, which is bad. The vet says that she either has an infection or a gall stone, but they can't know for sure which without doing an ultrasound and a biopsy. There are a few things that we can try before such drastic measures need to be taken. The vet is giving her fluids and some medication, including an anti-nausea one. Then I get to feed her with a syringe and shove pills down her throat all weekend. Hooray. If she isn't doing better by Monday, the vet wants to do more drastic things like the ultrasound, and put her on a feeding tube for a month. I have been hearing from a few people about another vet in the area that seems a lot better. They apparently have a track record for success when other vets have said that drastic things should be done; this place seems to have better solutions. So, if Singe is not doing better by Monday, I am going to give this other vet a call and see what they think.

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