Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Infernal Machine!

Well I was going to give y'all a nice long post with lots of beautiful pictures from the glorious Gunther show. However. My computer has decided to mutiny against the rest of the crew, said crew being myself and my camera...I may have stretched that metaphor a bit too far. Too many commercials for Pirate Master. My point is, can my computer please just do what it's told? Apparently not. Apparently it feels the need to suddenly, randomly, and with no warning whatsoever, just turn off. No "Windows is shutting down, save your shit" message. Not even The Blue Screen of Death. Just a pitiful little half-click, half-clunk noise and then it completely and utterly turned off. My feet were nowhere near the power strip. I didn't do anything unusual. We were going along, having a good time, uploading pictures to the internets, and then bang! All the good times and happiness came to a crashing halt. My computer isn't even that old! Maybe it has some sort of rapid aging disease.

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