Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Hello, Mother...

Ok, I know that I just posted, but I had to share this. Mama just sent me an email, and I am still laughing at it.
And I quote:

So- I went and shopped with Sheila and Nanci yesterday at a nursury and got pretty flowers that I need to plant today.. then nanci and I went towards rosarito and shopped for hanging things to put on the gigantic orange wall between our house and the neighbors- over the bird bath. For some reason I got little suns with faces on them and now that I think about it- I don't like faces looking at me so why did I get them? I should have gotten little dolphins, turtles or frogs or anything but faces! Well the frogs and turtles would have had faces too wouldn't they? So - guess I'll try the sun faces and see if I can stand them- if not- I'll put them on the front wall facing the street so they can look at people walking by and not at me.. my brain has turned to mush... Have a good day hon love mom

This is the woman who raised me (and I love her dearly).
Perhaps this answers a few lingering questions some of you have...

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