Monday, February 12, 2007

Win Some, Lose Some

I had a weekend of extremes, from great nights to horrible nights. First, the great.

I finally got to go out drinking with Friend I Never See but Whom I Dearly Love on Friday night at The Mercury Lounge (and no, I will never, ever call it "The Merc"). Boyfriend and I actually ended up doing a rescue op and saving her from a hot-but-really-dumb guy who had fallen in obsession with her. We drank, played pool increasingly badly, drank more, played even worse pool, chatted with random people, and ended out the night with a drunken trip to 7-11 to get chili-cheese nachos, a spicy burrito and various other snacks that I can't recall. We took our loot back to F. I. N. S. B. W. I. D. L.'s place and watched something on tv and later snuck out, trying to avoid the crowd of people she was hiding from. And then slept until one the next day. I had dreams involving sushi and games shows. I did eat sushi that day, but games shows? Beats me.

The next day was largely spent doing nothing. At some point I ate food. Office Space was on tv, so I watched it again. Damn, that is one funny movie.
Boyfriend had to work on Sunday morning (boo!), so he went home Saturday night.
Which brings me to the horrible. I had nightmares all night Saturday. I mean, legitimate nightmares with a monster and running and hiding from said monster. I couldn't get out of the dream either. I must have woken up four times, each time for about half an hour. I tried to calm down and get myself to think of something else, but as soon as I fell back asleep, BAM, right back into the nightmare. Best Friend was in my nightmare too. At one point, we were hunting the monster in a cow pasture and one of the cows became possessed by the monster (which I never actually saw, and that makes it so much worse) and the cow tried to kill Best Friend, but she wrestled the Crazy Monster Cow and killed it dead by stabbing it in the head with a piece of wire from the fence, all while I hid uselessly in the bushes.
Later in the dream, perhaps after a bout of wakefulness, Best Friend and I were in this building that was sort of like a mall, but there were rows and rows of bunk beds along the walls and I guess people were hiding out there, trying to get away from the Monster. We ended up at the back of the building, which was a long hallway with big ol' scary looking dark areas at either end. The only bunks available were at one of the ends. We tried to claim two of them, but something happened (I forget what) and we lost one of them. I kept seeing things moving in the dark area that we were right next to and I started freaking out and trying to make Best Friend leave with me.
That's all I remember. I know there was more to it; beginning, middle, and end, but in the way of dreams, it is gone.

Apparently, in a horror movie type situation, I would be that person who insist on leaving the Safe Place and trying to go to their house or some such nonsense. It appears that I would also be The Girl Who Hides in the Bushes Being Useless While Someone Else Fights the Monster/Killer.
Both of those roles disturb me, since both Dumb Person Who Leaves the Safe Place and Useless Person usually die.

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Niall said...

You sure have vivid dreams... think you might be overdoing the capitalizations just a tad?

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