Monday, February 19, 2007

So Many Reasons

I got the final "Yes, everything is fine, you can have this apartment" call this weekend. It all seems a little dream-like. I wanted to start packing immediately, but I still have two weeks before I move. I don't have a lot of space to put all of my crap right now, so this is likely going to be a last minute rush job. i am not looking forward to that. What I am looking forward to is never having to deal with Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dumb ever again! No more dishes left on the edge of the sink for two months and counting, no more Jaeger spilled on the floor and not cleaned up for a week, no more carpets blackened by dirty shoes, no more single-pane windows that double as cold-air conductors, no more dryer that doesn't actually dry, the list goes on and on...
When New Roommate came over to see my things and meet Singe, Asshat was completely true to form. There was a note left right inside the entry that read: This house smells like cat shit. Figure it out please. I like the "please", like that make it a polite reminder. Mind you, I had cleaned the litter box the day before. New Roommate looked a little shocked. At that moment, Asshat and Asshat in Training (formerly Pretty Decent Guy) came around the corner from the hallway, clearly on their way out. Just in case I hadn't seen the lovely note that I was holding in my hand, they kindly reiterated, "This house smells like cat shit. In case you didn't know." before leaving. New Roommate turned to me with a look of bemusement and said, "I'm guessing you don't get along. I can see why you want to move out." Then, after looking around for a second, she observed, "I don't smell any cat shit." Bless her.

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