Friday, February 23, 2007

Head in the Clouds

I feel dizzy today. It rained hard yesterday and now the wind it is a blowin' and my hay fever is having a grand time ravaging my sinuses. My head is so stuffy that I sort of feel drunk. Which is a great mental state to be in while I'm trying to be productive at work and lots of people are asking me questions about their projects. I catch myself just staring at them and not listening. Fortunately everyone here talks a lot, so I haven't missed anything critical.
We had a nice department lunch today at a golf course restaurant. I had some sort of seafood pasta dish. It's hard to explain. There were scallops and tequila lime sauce. It was fantastic.
I'm really boring today. I had a great idea for a post today that I was writing in my head last night before I fell asleep, but it's completely gone now. So you get this crap. Lucky you.

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