Wednesday, February 21, 2007

What Do Y'all Think?

The Dresser Dilemma has been solved. Mama wants to take it to Arizona, so now I just have to hang onto it until she can pick it up. Now if the damn check that Dad sent me would just get here, I can actually give my part of the deposit for the apartment(who ever heard of it taking a week to mail something from Texas to California?), and I'll be all set to move in a week and a half! Then I'll be rid of the Dubious Duo I live with now. Although I will miss the little incidents like last night's Dish-Washing-Yelling-Cabinet-Door-Slamming Midnight Marathon. I do live for those moments.
Other than being so tired I feel like I'm about to fall over, today has been a good day. We had a big Company Luncheon today, which was a pleasant surprise, since I had forgotten that it was today. The theme was Chinese New Year, the upside of which was an abundance of mediocre Chinese food and the downside of which is that I'm hungry. But I have some delicious pizza waiting at home for me, so I have that to look forward to.
On a completely different note, I am thinking of doing a Full Disclosure once I'm done dealing with Asshat (i.e. once I get my deposit back), mainly because I'm tired of making up code names for everyone. Thoughts? Opinions?

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Best Friend said...

I don't care about the anonymity issue. I wrote one blog entry thing and it sucked. but I have another good story, if I get around to it (it's the racounteur extraordinare).

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