Friday, June 22, 2007

Where is My Mind?

The other day I was talking to my ex Chris online when a funny thing happened. There was kind of a long pause in our chat, and then this popped up, "Hi Sarah, it's Cynthia..." There was more, but here's the thing. Cynthia is Chris's mom. Chris and I dated for three and a half years, so I got to know her pretty well. I always felt a little sorry for her; she lives in their house up in the mountains, a half hour drive from the nearest town, and her husband is gone a lot, and Chris and his brother are both living far away. So she's all alone a lot of the time, which would drive me bonkers. She's understandably a bit of an odd bird, as well as being very talkative, but as long as I can keep the conversation away from certain topics, she's kinda fun to talk to. Her favorite things to talk about are horses, birds, plants and sewing. And I pretty much have nothing to say one any of those topics. So she started chatting with me, but I could tell she didn't chat very much, because she was writing me paragraphs. At first she was telling me all kinds of stuff about some horse show in Vegas. A couple of crazy things did happen with that. She bought two tickets from two different people on ebay for the horse thing, and it turned out that the tickets were for seats right next to each other. And then one of the people that they sat near recognized Chris's dad from some class that he taught. I told her that I would have bought a lottery ticket or hit the slots, being that they were in Vegas.
Then we moved on to talking about this coming weekend. See, I've been trying to get Chris to come up and visit me before he moves back to York, but, Chris being Chris, he kept hedging and putting it off and now this weekend would be the only time for him to come up before he leaves that I will also be here, which is kind of an important part of him visiting me. So. Cynthia suggested that instead of Chris coming up here, I go down and visit them. I pointed out that part of the reason I wanted Chris to come up was to show off my beautiful apartment and how successful I am (it was a running joke between us that I would always make more money than him, silly History major), but then she started talking about "we could all go out for dinner" and "I've got the guest room all finished" and then offered to give me money for gas. It turns out that in spite of myself, I am a nice person on occasion. I could tell that she really wanted some company other than Chris and the horses. So guess where I'm driving to tonight? At least it won't be exactly the town I grew up in, it will be the town next to it. And up in the mountains too.
I must admit that I'm a little nervous about seeing Chris this weekend. We broke up almost two years ago, and we've talked and managed to become friends in the time since. However, I have actually only seen him once in those two years. I'm afraid that it will be awkward, that I will be awkward. Do I hug him? Shake his hand? Stand there and wave? Dance a jig? I guess we shall see when the moment arrives. It doesn't help much that I will get to his house after a full day of work and then driving four hours with only my thoughts for company. By the time I get there around midnight, I'll be a little delirious. And that could make for some awkward times.

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