Monday, June 18, 2007

The Golden Child

I am somewhat obsessed with pop culture, and with celebrities in particular. Any kind of batshit-crazy-downward-spiral-of-drugs-and-alcohol, and I am all over that shit. But there is a softer side of me. Shocking, I know, but there are some celebrities about whom I enjoy reading the good stuff. You cannot imagine the depths of my joy at seeing the lovely spread in People of Brad, Angelina and Da Bebbies. In particularly, I've developed a borderline-unhealthy obsession with Shiloh, no small part of which is the fact that one of my childhood dogs was a Cocker Spaniel named Shiloh (RIP). And, I mean, look at her! Amazing, right? Those eyes, those lips. I could just stare at her picture all day. And let's face it, we were all a little bit concerned about how this particular baby would look. The Wheel of Genetic Fortune can go horribly horribly awry when both of the parents are amazing works of DNA, but in this case things seem to have turned out perfect. As I said, I could be considered borderline-dangerously obsessed with Shiloh. So, what did I do? I wanted to see how much she looked like her parents. I mean, clearly the lips are Jolie-esque. But the eyes? The nose? Well, as it turns out, the eyes are from Dear Old Dad:

Like I said, I have a problem. I know that his picture doesn't quite match up with Shiloh's angle, but it was all I could find. And I looked for about an hour. Not that I really minded staring at pictures of Brad for that long, but this really was the best photo I could get. For comparison purposes... I was able to find a much better photo of Angelina to compare with Shiloh's:

As a matter of fact, the two photos were so similar it is almost eerie. I've shown these to a few of my friends, one of whom described them as "incredibly disturbing and yet hauntingly beautiful".

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