Friday, June 15, 2007

Dr. Sierra's Tattoo Lecture

I had a lovely complaining conversation with my dear friend Sierra about people who don't understand tattoos. Things like this conversation are why I am friends with this girl. She's paranoidkid85, I'm makeshiftylover, and we obviously had this conversation over AIM.

makeshiftylover: he didn't "get" tattoos
paranoidkid85: oh jesus
makeshiftylover: thats it
makeshiftylover: no more complaining
paranoidkid85: no, it's okay
paranoidkid85: but i must tell you, when it comes to those types i am NOT sympathetic, or nice... really, tolerant, at all
makeshiftylover: no i am so done with him
makeshiftylover: he turned out to be a liar and a manipulator
makeshiftylover: annd fuck that
paranoidkid85: good
paranoidkid85: if you like, i could kill him for you
makeshiftylover: nah hes riding a motorcycle around the country for two weeks
makeshiftylover: i think that should be punishment enough
makeshiftylover: but he seriously asked me to explain the purpose of getting tattoos to him
paranoidkid85: well i hope he gets a lot of bugs stuck in his teeth
makeshiftylover: i was like seriously?
makeshiftylover: you dont get it?
paranoidkid85: if you have to have it explained to you then you will never understand
makeshiftylover: exatly
makeshiftylover: c
makeshiftylover: wherever it goes
makeshiftylover: there is a c
makeshiftylover: so he asked what my tattoo that i have now means to me
makeshiftylover: so i told him
makeshiftylover: and he was still like and...?
paranoidkid85: "and i'm going to staple your lips together if you keep asking me stupid pointless questions"
makeshiftylover: i am going to start saying shit like that to him when he gets back
paranoidkid85: i hope you do
makeshiftylover: you know hes gonna see the new one and be all asking questions
makeshiftylover: i just need a miniature version of you
makeshiftylover: like with a pull string
makeshiftylover: malibu sierra
paranoidkid85: except not tan...
makeshiftylover: but blonde
paranoidkid85: and witty
makeshiftylover: and a cold-hearted bitch
makeshiftylover: "did you ever know that you're my heeeeeeero"
paranoidkid85: lol
paranoidkid85: honestly, if he gives you shit you can just be like
paranoidkid85: "look, i don't need to explain it to you. i'm happy to answer your questions but i stop short of trying to change your opinion of tattoos and tattooed people because frankly, i don't give a rat's ass what you think of them, and really, you're only asking me about them because you want an opportunity to share your opinion on the subject. so please, pull out your little cell phone and call someone who cares about what you think."
makeshiftylover: i love you
makeshiftylover: let's get married

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