Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Take Another Piece of My Heart

There is this commercial for Quizno's that makes me cringe every time I see or even hear it. The point of the commercial is that Quizno's has some sandwich that Subway doesn't. Or something. The commercial features "Real People" discussing how much better Quizno's is than Subway. Anyway, the thing that gets me is right at the end. There are two women, each holding a sandwich that they are presumably munching on. Only one of them speaks, and what she says makes my soul hurt. "It's got a lot of meat. And that's what a real woman needs!" And then. AND THEN! She giggles like a thirteen year old in science class who just heard the word "penis" come out of the teacher's mouth. This woman asserted herself as "a powerful woman who knows what she wants, and apparently wants a big penis" and then immediately subverted that assertion into "giggling silly woman who knows that the idea of a powerful woman is to be laughed at, as is a woman who asserts herself sexually and seeks pleasure for herself" In less than five seconds this mind-boggling juxtaposition occurs! Every time I am exposed to it, a piece of me dies inside.

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