Friday, March 9, 2007

Crash Into Me

It's official, Best Friend is cursed. I walked over to her parking lot after work (we actually managed to carpool yesterday) and as I came around the corner, a big SUV backed up into her parked car. Sounds like a not-uncommon event? Here's the thing. Best Friend has only has her driver's license for a year (don't get me started, she wouldn't even have it at all if I hadn't forced her to drive anywhere she wanted to go when we lived together). Previous to getting her license, she rode her bike down to her office. One day, she literally got hit by a truck while crossing the street. No major damage, but it was quite scary. A few months later, she had her license. One day, she was sitting in completely stopped traffic. Some crazy bitch behind her didn't understand that basic concept that, even though the light turned green, you cannot actually hit the gas if there are cars stopped in front of you. That psycho actually ended up driving on the sidewalk, smashing into the back of Best Friend's car and then adding insult to injury but continuing to smash her big SUV all along the side of Best Friend's car in her attempts to get off the sidewalk. Apparently, hitting the brakes wasn't the first thing on that crazy bitch's mind. Poor Best Friend's car was totaled, on top of which she had to deal with crazy bitch and her sketchy insurance situation. A few rental cars later and Best Friend had a new car. And then it got hit yesterday. This time it wasn't even running, let alone stopped. I'm fairly certain that I'm forgetting at least one incident involving car-crashes-in-which-Best-Friend-is-smashed. It's like she just shouldn't get into or even be in the general area of moving vehicles at all, ever. But since we live in Southern California, that just ain't gonna happen. Maybe she should look into driving a bumper car. That would be hilarious.

(P.S. I hate Dave Matthews and now I've got that song on repeat in my head. Grrrr...)

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