Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Puzzle Pieces on the Floor

After I stayed up way too late last night watching Australia's Next Top Model (I have a problem...) I realized that having a roommate who works the night shift is just about the greatest thing ever. I didn't have to worry about the tv being too loud, and my deaf ass had that sucker blasting. I moved the furniture around finally, so our living room actually looks like people live there, not just like someone was using it as storage space. I did a couple loads in the fancy-pants dishwasher and I got to put the dishes where I wanted them (i.e. where I can actually reach them). The dishwasher does take like an hour, but if it wants to wash my dishes for me, it can take as long as it wants to.
In the course of setting up the living room, I came to the conclusion that it is the weirdest shape. Best Friend confirmed this when she came over to watch I Love New York (I told you, I have a problem). The cable outlet is directly opposite the sliding glass door, but we can't put the tv there or it will get all kinds of glare. We could move it to the kitchen wall and put the couch in the alcove area by the kitchen entrance, but then the cable wire will have to wrap around two walls and a doorway. No good. Right now the tv is next to the hallway and perpendicular to the sliding glass door, with the couch facing it. There is this big blank space right when you walk in the door that I have no idea what to do with. The sliding glass door is right next to the front door, so there's a whole lotta door going on there. And then a whole lotta empty space. Currently the big chair that matches the couch and the ottoman are over in that area kind of facing the hall. I sit sideways in that chair, so where it is now I can look out the sliding glass door or I can watch tv, depending on the way I'm facing. I don't know what else to do with that chair, it's so huge and it looks funny sitting there all by itself.
Furniture is hard.

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