Monday, March 12, 2007


Red: Red tastes like a great glass of wine; tart and sweet and strong and a little spicy, with many different flavors blending together to create something powerful and complex. Red smells like an antique shop, with centuries of scents culminating in a heady mixture that creates a sense of time in the mind. Red feels like velvet; rich and smooth and a little exotic. Red sounds like the murmur of a crowd or the crackle of fire; an intricate sound with many layers.

Orange: Orange tastes very sweet and sugary, but with a little bite to it. Orange smells like orange tree blossoms and jasmine; sweet and summery. Orange feels like the sun caressing your skin on a hot summer day. Orange sounds like the buzz of a bumble bee.

Yellow: Yellow tastes sour, like a lime. Yellow smells like over-ripe fruit or flowers that are beginning to rot. Yellow feels like sand in your shoes, chaffing your feet. Yellow sounds like sarcasm or even anger in the voice of a loved one.

Green: Green tastes minty and fresh and cold, like drinking very cold water right after brushing your teeth. Green smells like fresh pine needles on a cool spring day, or like well-water that was just pumped out of the ground. Green feels wet and cold and slick, like jumping into a pool on a hot summer day, or like a downpour of rain. Green sounds like children laughing at the playground or the voice of someone you love but haven't spoken to in a while.

Blue: Blue tastes familiar and warm, like home-baked pie or cookies or fresh bread made from scratch. Blue sometimes smells like Grandma's kitchen and other times blue smells like freshly cleaned laundry. Blue feels like a big, fluffy comforter, soft and warm and safe. Blue sounds like a cat purring, or the waves crashing at the beach heard from far away.

Purple: Purple tastes like candy, sweet and artificial. Purple smells like roses when they are freshly blooming, the kind of smell that fills up a room. Purple feels like a being wrapped up in a big fuzzy towel after taking a long bubble bath. Purple sounds like Beethoven, powerful and strong.

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