Monday, March 5, 2007

Deep Breathing Excercise

These past few days have been insane. Wednesday and Thursday of last week were spent frantically finishing a project at work (hence, no posts those days), Friday was spent packing up the rest of my belongings and having an emotional not-exactly-argument with Boyfriend. And then there was Saturday. Move-in Day. Everything went surprisingly well. With the actually moving of furniture anyway. I was so busy making sure that everything was packed and that I didn't leave anything behind and that my old place was properly cleaned that I forgot to eat properly. My hypoglycemia reared its ugly head and I done fainted y'all. I'm kind of embarrassed about it; I haven't even come close since Prom, when they thought I was drunk. Boyfriend found me, got me an orange and it was all okay. Except for the pounding in my head.
Even with that little episode, I managed to get all of my stuff moved in one day, with the help of Turbo's truck, Boyfriend, and Other Guy and his truck. So now I officially live in my beautiful new apartment with my often-absent roommate and Singe. Speaking of Singe, she is so happy already. I had thought that she would hide under the bed for at least a few days,but she was out and exploring the first day. She likes New Roommate and she seems to really like the new apartment. What she doesn't like is her new food. She basically ain't havin' it. I didn't feed her Saturday morning so that she would be all hungry when I fed her at the new apartment (which is a good trick to get her out from inside the box spring). So she got the new food Saturday afternoon. She ate a little of it Saturday and a little more on Sunday. This morning, however, she turned up her little cat nose at the same food that was perfectly fine the day before. I even buried treats under it, but no. She's suddenly too good for this food. Even though it's more expensive and better for her than the old food. Oh well, when she gets hungry enough, she'll eat it. It'll do her good to not eat so much anyway, she's too fat.
But look at this! I just moved to a whole new place and the only thing I'm worried about is that my cat doesn't like her food! Ah, life is beautiful...
Another way in which life is beautiful and this past weekend was great was that Old Roommate from College came up this weekend to visit. On Saturday she and Best Friend (who also lived with us, along with Number Four, which is a story for later) celebrated Purim, but on Sunday I, the poor neglected shiksa, was finally allowed to join them. We went out shopping and the only one who actually got anything was Boyfriend. He wasted his Boy-Shopping time right away and then was stuck wandering around with us Ladies for the rest of the time. Poor guy, we even went into Sephora. Just one of the ways that you can tell he doesn't have a sister.
After dinner, though, was the best time. Boyfriend and I walked the fifty feet to Best Friend's apartment and all four of us watched Pride & Prejudice (the Keira Knightley version). Now, before you knock on this version, I want to make it clear that I know that the Colin Firth version is a thousand times better. However, there are many important points about the K. K. version. 1) It is not 8 hours long. 2) The rain scene has more sexual tension packed into it than just about any other entire movie you can name. 3) Donald Sutherland. 4) The thing with Mr. Darcy's good.
So even though I had to take Boyfriend home a third of the way through it (I got back just in time for the rain scene), it was still a perfect night spent swooning on the couch with Old Roommate and Best Friend. Especially when Old Roommate informed us that Keira means "penises" in Farsi.

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