Friday, April 27, 2007


It is most definitely a Friday. I've had two cups of coffee before ten, spilled said coffee on my hand and burnt it a little, done all manner of pretending to work, and rehashed the week's gossip. All before lunch. Lunch is, in fact, still a distant dream for two hours from now. A sad day indeed.
The most productive (depending on how you look at it) thing I've done today was to restyle my blog. You like?
One thing to note is that I've done some thinking regarding the Number Four post from yesterday. What I've decided is that there will be one post in the Number Four Series each week. I'm not setting aside a particular day for these, since I don't even know which day of the week I will have sufficient energy for that discussion. Each post in the Series will deal with a different topic in relation to Number Four. Some examples of these topics include, but are certainly not limited to: copycat behavior, her crazy mom, her pants (circus and otherwise), and the Crock Pot of Doom. If there is anything you would like me to write about with regard to Number Four, stick it in a comment and I'll see what I can do to satisfy you.


Amber Glych said...

Number Four Series?

Raconteur Extraordinaire said...

okay let us see here:
you have the whole mom thing...which I apparently blocked...let us not forget the incident of her racism when she came to visit (UCSB has a lot of white people, etc)
*her brothers
*her family in general (not talking to anyone ever)
*her wanting to have children (shudder)
*her feet, including the Costa Rican fungus & the sound of scratching feet as the last sound I heard every night
*ummmm knitting?
*the flashing incident (haha)
*the cooking of meat (shudder)
*the massive amounts of food in the cabinet
*her inability to enjoy the mens room
*her pants (ooh wait, you have that)
*the fire engine red hair incident
*her walk
*the staring (shudddder)
*her "decorations": the circular blue lamp thing, the plaid bedspread, the two posters she bought (one of which was already in the living room)
*her broken computer she taped together
*her smile...oooh and include the picture
*halloween costume--man anyone?
(please also include the people believed her to be a hermaphodite prior to that incident)
*ooh her gold fish that she was never smart enough to name

I think I have blocked a lot of stuff out because I know there was much, much more.

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