Monday, April 9, 2007

Celebrate, Come On!

I have officially been hired by the company that I've been temping at for the last three months. I have health care! I can go to the dentist! Not that I'm going to, but I can. The first doctor-y thing I'm going to do though is take a trip to the optometrist, since I am currently using an eight year old pair of glasses. I don't typically wear my glasses (which is why they're so old), but my eyes have taken to refusing to endure contacts. I took a several months long break from contacts, and started back on contacts a little over a week ago. Things are fine so far, but today mine eyes are a bit dry. This is the problem overall, really. I have Dry Eye Syndrome, where my eyes are (drum roll) too dry. They actually wanted to put plugs in my tear ducts at one point. Like this. Yeah, ew. No thanks.
In other areas, life continues on an upswing. Niall and I had a long conversation this weekend and "things" got resolved. At least, I hope they did. We shall see.
This weekend is going to be very eventful. I am having a celebratory potluck with the work people on Friday, then I have the
MS Walk on Saturday (which you should donate to, even $5.00 is meaningful), and then Niall and I are going to the 60th Anniversary Jackie Robinson game on Sunday. And I am ashamed to say that Mama didn't know who I was talking about when I told her that. It went like this:
"I'm going to the sixtieth anniversary Jackie Robinson game on Sunday."
"Ok, I don't know what you're talking about..." (this is probably the sentence that my mom uses the most with me)
"Baseball, Mama."
"Oh, ok. Who again?"
"Jackie Robinson. The first black player in major league baseball."
"That's nice. Will he be playing?"
"Oh my god, Mom, no. He's dead. Sixtieth anniversary."
Someday I hope that my mom comes to visit the rest of us. But for now, I think she's happy in her own reality.

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