Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Sleep Deprived

This last weekend was a very eventful one for me and Niall. On Friday night I had some work people over for a celebratory "Hooray, I Officially Got Hired Full Time and I Now Have Health Care and I Can Go to the Dentist Whenever I Want, Even Though I'm Not Going to" potluck dinner. Some good times were had, some wine was drunk (drank? drunken? dranken?), and some Catchphrase was played. We got some good inside jokes out of that, especially since Clay and Kristin can percolate coffee, but they don't know how to brew it. Hee.
On Saturday morning, Niall and I got up early and did the MS Walk, which was hard. I am out of shape and six miles ain't easy when you have flat feet anyway. But I went the whole way, and I'm very proud of myself. My team raised a lot of money for a cause that's important to me and I'm happy about that.
Saturday afternoon we headed down to Costa Mesa to stay at Niall's house. We left Santa Barbara at about 3:30 and we didn't make it to his house until almost 7:00. This is normally a two hour trip, but there was the typical Leaving Santa Barbara Traffic, because no one here can drive. After we got past the area where that normally lightens up, it was still pretty heavy traffic. It was then that we did the two dumbest things we could have done.
1. I said, "I hope it won't be like this all the way."
2. Niall said, "I guarantee it won't be like this the whole way."
You can guess what happened. It was like that the whole way down. I'm normally not a superstitious person, but things like that seem to happen on a frequent basis to me.
After we finally got down to Costa Mesa, we went out to dinner with Billy and Virginia, whom Niall has been friends with forever. They are insanely perfect for each other, which is good since they're getting married later this year. They are thinking about having Niall be a groomsman, but I'm not sure if it's been finalized yet. Whatever happens, it'll be a ton of fun and I just hope I can get down at least one size before the wedding. I'm getting serious now, after I saw just how out of shape I am on that walk. Anyway, we went to Ruby's on the pier. We made the unwise decision to sit upstairs, where we had one of the worst waitresses I've ever had and our heater was kinda jankey and not heating us so much. Our food took forever to come, the busboy ended up giving us refills, and when our food did finally come, it was cold and Virginia's was wrong. Now, I know how hard it is to waitress, I couldn't do it when I was fifteen and I don't really want to try it now, and I fully recognize that things can go wrong that are not the waitresses fault. But she had this "Yeah, whatever." attitude about everything that I hate so much. "Excuse me, I had asked for onions on my burger." "Oh, I guess I'll bring you a side." "Um, our fries are cold." "Ok, do you want new ones?" Bitch, do your job. That is all I ask, really. Is that so much?
Where was I? Saturday night? That was pretty much it. We went back to his house and slept. We are boring.
Sunday morning we had to get up earlier than I wanted to because somebody forgot to mention that we had to pick up Niall's parents and brother at the airport (they went college touring) at 11:00. I really wanted to go shopping, since I don't have that many pants to wear to work, and I only actually like one pair. So we got up and went to breakfast and headed over to Old Navy. However, since Old Navy is run by someone who isn't interested in turning a profit, the store didn't open until 10:00 AM. We showed up at 9:00, like normal functioning members of society who wanted to get stuff done before noon. So that left me with one hour to find a pair of pants in Old Navy. How did I do, you ask? I got I think five tank tops and a button up white shirt that actually closes over my chest, which is hard to find. "But the pants. What about the pants?" you ask. Well, I made the discovery that Old Navy does not actually carry pants that fit human beings. At one point I actually had a pair that fit me until the knee, at which point the pants exploded outward and became two feet wide. Who thinks this is a good look? And I am morally opposed to spending more for tailoring that I did on the actual pants, so I didn't get any.
Sunday afternoon and evening were definitely the highlight of the weekend. We met up with Christina From Work and her boyfriend Mark at Phillipe's for the traditional pre-game lunch, and headed over to Dodger Stadium! For the Sixtieth Anniversary Jackie Robinson Game! And we caught a ball from batting practice! And Jennifer Hudson sang the National Anthem! And Jesse Jackson got caught stuffing his face on the jumbo screen! And, best of all, the Dodger's completely spanked the Padres!

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