Thursday, January 8, 2009

Tackiness Contest Ahoy!

There is a contest going on for the tackiest thing on the internet. Here are my entries!

Patrick Swayze Centaur Rainbow Tattoo:

Made all the more frightening when you take into consideration that this is a tattoo. As in permanently-in-someone's-skin.
We had Boxing Jesus already, so how about a little Baseball Jesus:


Sofi said...

I've seen some bad tattoos, but that one takes the cake.

Well played. Very well played.

Rusty said...

I've seen that tattoo before, but couldn't dig it up again, so kudos to you.

And I still say Boxer Jesus beats Baseball Jesus. Baseball Jesus is at least wearing traditional Jesus-garb, but Boxer Jesus is shirtless and sporting a FIRECE mane of luscious brown locks. And giving "do-me" eyes.

Marra Alane said...

That tattoo isn't tacky, its amazing. And I'm gonna go with baseball jesus, because I like the idea of jesus helping you slam in that RBI.

Blonde Savant said...

Plus, Baseball Jesus has a distinct aura of BAD TOUCH! BAD TOUCH!

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