Tuesday, January 27, 2009

It's My Party

I am so stressed out with work and life that I am teetering on the verge of frustration tears at and given moment.
I truly love my job and my coworkers, but our manager has been in and out sick since New Years and our director is a frustrating man who loves to hear himself talk and also loves to ask us why we aren't doing six people's work with a staff of three, one of whom is me, and I am by no means proficient at what I am doing. I literally didn't have time to check my email yesterday.
Another thing is that I was off my birth control for about two weeks and then went back on mid-cycle, so my hormones are seriously wack right now. For example, I was watching Tool Academy, which is a show about asshole guys learning how to not be such assholes to their equally asshole girlfriends who tricked them into going on this show (the guys thought the show was a competition for Mr. Awesome) and I started crying. There is no circumstance under which a VH1 reality show should make me cry unless it is because I am laughing so hard.
So please forgive the lack of recent posts. I'll come back soon. For now, just keep watching the crazy German song with the cute cat. It still makes me giggle.

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Raconteur Extraordinaire said...

I have been horribly busy lately. Sorry. Be happy. Take things one step at a time. I am awaiting your next blog posts, but honestly, I am so busy.

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