Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Say What, Now?

My horoscope for today is baffling. Like, even more than normal. Check it out:
You might feel like a mental ninja warrior today, but every thought you throw into a conversation is washed aside by someone else. You may feel ineffectual, as if your ideas cannot quite gel. It's no fun when you cannot blend your many trains of thought into one coherent knockout punch. Instead of growing frustrated and then retreating, stay aware that your feelings of being "off" are temporary and a more positive attitude will return in a few days.

How does feeling ineffectual make me a ninja warrior? Isn't a ninja, by its very nature, incredibly effective? Not to mention the closer statement of "Yeah, you're going to confuse yourself today, but stop being a whiny bitch an accept it. Buck up, lil' camper!" Thanks, Google. You bastard.

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