Wednesday, January 7, 2009


A long while ago I picked up a few 2009 calendars when they were on sale at Border's or Barnes and Noble. One of them is a monthly calendar for the wall with fantastic Chagall paintings. It goes very well with my cartoon insect refrigerator magnets. The other one is one of those thing-of-the-day calendars for your desk. I just remembered that I had made this purchase and brought it to work today. The thing-of-the-day I chose? Common Errors in the Usage of the English Language. I am a nerd. Today's error?
"Presumptive" has an "I" in it, but "presumptuous" does not.


Anonymous said...

you sound like such a snooty brainiac with your calender choices...Chagall (which btw I am pretty sure you have expressed your extreme hatred of to me before) and a grammar desk calender.

Blonde Savant said...

I hate Klimt. I like Chagall.
Also, I would know who you are if you typed a name with your comment, dork.

Anonymous said...

that would mean i would have to sign on!!!!!!!!!!!!! gah laziness overwhelms me. Chagall was either a jew or painted a lot of jew inspired pieces (I know this from that Judaism Depot Mag my aunt signed me up for and we used to flip through).I remember something with a goat and a woman. (Ya YA!!!!!)

And with that, I just realized the best gift I can get for you is a menorah hat (do you remember it?)

I guess you were right about Klimt. I don't know much about dem there "Art" that is just a buncha fuddy duddy stuff we don't learn in the desert.

Blonde Savant said...

How does it not sign you in automatically? Weird.
Chagall was indeed a Jew. A Russian and French Jew. At the same time. And he pulled it off too. He hung out with Picasso and Matisse. The painting you are thinking of about the goat and the woman is from the movie Notting Hill.

I still want that hat.

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