Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Come On To My House, My House, My House

Everyone who has been pestering me for pictures of my apartment (duplex, house, whatever), prepare to get excited!

Here we have the living room, facing the front door and The Orange Fireplace (I wasn't kidding):

We pan over to the right and there are my two tiny windows, my lovely bookcase, and The TV (it really deserves caps, don't you think?). Of course, a Celtics game is on:

Here's half of The TV and my very artistic photos of trees. And a little bit of the kitchen. And the terminally cluttered dining table that we never use:

Here is the kitchen, in all its glory! Actually, this is mainly to show off my fantastic dragonfly decals (link):

Now, backing up a bit into the living room, here is another dragonfly, another artistic photo of a tree, and another bookshelf! At least I'm consistent. You can also see the little square "hallway":

Next, we turn ninety degrees to the right, where the couch is. That door is still the front door, for those of you interested in orientation. Check out my awesome hand colored map of Southern California:

Here is the little square "hallway", along with dragonfly number three. I think I'm going to name them. You can see into the bathroom too:

Now we take a giant step backwards, and presto! We're in the bedroom. Some more artistic photos of trees and my dresser. And a mess. See? Consistent:

Turn to the right and there's the bed and my giant sun, hanging out, being a giant sun:

Turn a little bit more to the right and there is my other tiny window (bedroom version) and the fourth and final dragonfly. And my giant closet thing that I painted green. Because houses built in the 40s don't have much closet space:

This completes the tour of Sarah's Awesome Apartment.


Raconteur Extraordinaire said...

i thought it was a two bedroom :)

Blonde Savant said...

I figured no one wanted to see three bicycles and a litter box.

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