Thursday, February 14, 2008

Take Me Home

I have a place to live! I am so excited! Of course, this means that I have to move again, but that is just a detail at this point. My rent is going to be half of what I've been paying for the last year. That is so awesome. Ricardo's talking about how we need to buy a new bed, because apparently mine is not comfortable. This is coming from the guy who didn't even have a bed in his bedroom because the floor is good for his back or something. I wasn't listening to that crazy talk.
But so our place is tiny. Really small. He was thinking that we should get a king sized bed, and I was like, "And put it where, exactly? Were you planning to use the closet? Because I sure am." Not to mention that he wants to buy a bed first thing, and we don't even have other furniture essentials. Like a table. Or chairs. I'm not even sure my couch will fit in the living room. It's a very long couch. I need to break out the measuring tape.
Things are looking up indeed.

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