Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Bittersweet Symphony

After the holidays were all over and we had to return to normal life, Ricardo and I began to discuss our relationship and its future. For a while now, I've been wanting to move to a cheaper apartment, especially since my landlord still has not seen fit to repair our water-damaged front door. Dalyne was on board with moving to a cheaper place, but then she changed her mind. I was in a bit of a bind at that point, and Ricardo brought up us moving in together. I went back and forth and back again for weeks, and then finally decided that it is what I want to do.
So there it is. I am going to move in with Ricardo. My lease is up at the end of this month, and we are currently applying to an apartment. I hope like hell that we get it, because it is incredibly hard to find places that will accept a cat here. And there is such a short time that apartments are available. Basically, no one gives more than thirty days notice, so you have to try to find a place the month before you need to move. It is very stressful.
On top of that stress, last week I got the flu. Like hardcore sickness. I was completely fine on Monday, and then on Tuesday I went down in flames. I had (still have actually) a hacking, deep-chested cough that sounds like parts of my lungs are going to come out, I was running a fever for three days, and I was bone-tired. I did not get out of bed nor was I even really lucid for three days. And those three days just happened to fall on the three days when all of the new apartment listing were coming out. Ricardo really came through though, he would go and see like six places and narrow it down to ones that would meet my level of acceptability.
I found out two nights ago that right after I was done being really really sick, him mom, who lives outside of Mexico City, was rushed to the hospital and is currently in a fucking coma! I don't even know. His family isn't telling him much because they want him to stay here, but that is adding to his frustration, not to mention the fact that whatever he is imagining is (I hope) worse than reality.
So, all in all, this should be a happy time for us, but it is really just very stressful.