Monday, November 10, 2008

Mumbo, Jumbo, get me some EGGS!

I don't have anything in particular to write about, other than I am incredibly unmotivated to work today. Big surprise, right?
I just read my November horoscope on, and check this out:
Saturn will remind you that there are family members who deeply love you and depend on you. You are a towering figure to your family, and you shape their very lives and their futures, and by that I mean both the very young and the very old in your family.
How creepy is that? Not to mention, no pressure! And then it gets even better, describing how December is basically going to suck hard for me. Yay.
Other than that, I am not doing a whole lot. I'm on the prowl for a decent looking couch that won't clash with my randomly orange fireplace and dark cherry floor. I'm thinking purple might just do the trick. And where does one go for a purple couch you ask? Ikea, naturally.
I got an email from Mama's aunt who lives in Tallahassee today, inviting me and Richardo out there for Thanksgiving. And just like that, Richardo will now be in daily use. I'm trying to decide between Richard-o and Rich-ardo for the pronunciation. I'm leaning toward the latter. It makes me giggle more.
What else...Oh, I've been watching all the past seasons of How I Met Your Mother, and I am horribly and pathetically sad that the characters on that show a) are not real and b) are not my actual friends. At the end of the gag reel on season two, they all sit at their table and sing the theme song and it made me tear up! This is on top of having a dream wherein Barney was my friend. I officially have problems.


Raconteur Extraordinaire said...

Oh honey, we may be a continent apart, but we are still on the same level.
My HIMYM dreams/thoughts are daily (and I am not watching old episodes or anything) and....
today, while waiting for Petsmart to open at 9 am (long story to this...has to do with Cat diarrhea, paper towels, and a plunger), I decided to wander the aisles of Dollar Mart.

There I found a various array of crap. Included in this crap (seriously...really really bad stuff, worse than the 99 cents store), I spotted me some Ricardo's Authentic Tortilla Chips.
Thought of you and how you cannot find authentic Mexican food on the east coast, whereas I have a bountiful at the Dollar Mart, Hoorah!

Blonde Savant said...

You really don't need to tell me that story...Really.
I totally found a Mexican Market by my house! It's called Mi Pueblito or some shit. Very exctiting. Perhaps there, in that market, I too can find a bountiful. If only my friend, who is an English major, could tell me what a bountiful is.
P.S. Seriously. How do you use "whereas" properly, but then turn "bountiful" into a noun?

Anonymous said...

My legal skills teacher tells me I can't write. So I have given up trying.

Hey, I have every excuse to not think through every word.

Bountiful of mexican food

Anonymous said...

The market was bountiful, there was a bounty of mexican food.

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