Monday, November 3, 2008

Hello, Hello

I am finally finished with my monster project at work, so I can now return to the important things in life, like posting about the freakish weather in Florida. Because holy hell people! One week it is in the nineties, the next week it's raining and in the seventies, then it's in the fifties and windy and below freezing at night, and now this week it's back to raining and in the seventies. I never know what kind of clothes to put on in the morning! At least now we have daylight savings time, so I am no longer trying to get ready for work before the sun is up. There is something very difficult about that for me, psychologically.
Anyway. I've been living in Florida for just over a month now, and so far I like it. It's hard not having anyone I can randomly call up and do things with, but I can usually drag Ricardo with me. But that brings up my question: how do you make friends in a new town when you are not in some sort of school situation? My coworkers are all older than me, married, and have young children, so they are not exactly friend-material. Should I be going out to bars and meeting people? I feel like that would get very awkward very quickly. Another part of this problem is that I don't really know how to approach women. Wow, that sounds weird. Ok, I know how to make friends with guys. Guys are easy. How do you make friends with women when there is not a built in situation for continued exposure?


Anonymous said...

I think you need to send the Marshall hair petition to the girl from Television w/o pity. Also, as for meeting peeps, I think you should check out if Pajiba has a group meeting in Jacksonville (or perhaps you can start it on a thread)...i know they do it all the time in NY and LA.

As your wife, I have problems with you picking up girls in bars.

PS i cannot figure out why my name is not coming up below

Blonde Savant said...

Oh I totally posted that petition on TWoP.

Great idea about Pajiba. I'll do that soon.

I don't know why your name isn't showing either :( Did you remember to sign in?

PS I am sick today.

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