Wednesday, October 27, 2010


I have really intense, vivid dreams in general. Last night was no exception. I jotted down the bits I could remember before they were lost in the mist so I could look them up in my dream book later. I like to use the dream book for entertainment purposes only, and by no means do I believe anything it says. However. This would freak out the most rational person in the world:

Finding something: Loss in business.
Finding valuable article: Big misfortunes in business.
Finding money: Danger and business loss.
Digging in loose soil: Plans will succeed.
Others being dirty: Illness in the family.
Of the marijuana plant: Will be melancholy.
Smoking marijuana: Will dream of unattainable things.
Eyes being wide open: A change in life will come soon.
The color gray: Will receive a letter with news.
Other famous people: Sorrow is about to come.
Of a restaurant: Bad health.
Eating at a restaurant: Health is not very good.
Of cheese: Worry caused by own hasty actions.
Of a skirt: Will be lazy.
Black iron: Will be cheated by friends.
An empty table: Will fall into poverty.
Eating a piece of cake: Will lose sweetheart.
Of eating: You are being deceived.
Eating on the floor: Somebody will take something away from you.
Eating fat things: Warning of an illness to come.
Avoiding danger: Troubles will come to you.

Can I panic now?

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