Saturday, August 15, 2009

Cabin Fever

Once again, it's raining and thus my plans for the day will not come to fruition. This is happening now with such regularity that it's becoming maddening. I wanted to go over to the area I'm trying to move to and look at apartments for rent. Granted, I still could, it just wouldn't do me much good to try and see things in the pouring rain while driving. After that, I wanted to head out to the beach and chill for a while. Again, I technically still can go out to the beach. As long as I don't mind getting rained on while I'm trying to relax. Yeah, doesn't sound like so much fun to me.
The truly frustrating part of all this damn rain is that it always seems to be raining when Ricardo is home. So we don't really get to do much in that time. Yeah, we could go see movies, but we're trying to save up money. That doesn't work too well with most indoor activities.

Maybe I'll just go to Panera and read that stuff for my work all day...

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