Friday, June 19, 2009

Coming Soon...

So I've decided on a new project for my blog. I know I'm not so good at following through with projects I start in this here space, but hey. This is where I get to be myself completely, and part of who I am is a lazy jerk who never finishes a damn thing.
What is my new project?
One of my favorite sites in the whole internet is Television Without Pity. One of my favorite shows ever on television is How I Met Your Mother. However. TWoP does not have recaps of all of season one and half of season two. After ordering seasons one and two of HIMYM waaaaay back in February (seriously people, Magical Prices sucks ass. Never buy through them.), I have decided to rectify this situation. That's right. I'm going to post recaps of season one of How I Met Your Mother up in this joint.
That's the plan anyway.

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